3 Reasons to love Usenet

1 Dec

3 Reasons To Love Usenet

Guest author: Jared Scott

What is Usenet?

Usenet is a computer based discussion system that was created by two Duke University students in 1979.

Started as a class project and released the following year to the public, Usenet was a ground-breaking technology. Users could post messages in various categories, called “newsgroups”, and respond to them. It was essentially a worldwide bulletin board system. It became immediately popular on college campuses and among the “geek” crowd.

Discussions in the “newsgroups” ranged from debates on medieval history to bug fixes for Linux or other open source software. Usenet was the place you went to share your ideas and content with others in the world. It was the first social network of its kind.

How it works?

Usenet is a decentralized network of servers that store posts or articles known as “news”. In addition to text, users can also upload and download binaries (files). When you access Usenet you can download these binary files directly from the servers at super fast speeds. With the increase in Usenet server capacity in the past few years, it is possible to find nearly anything you are looking for on Usenet.

Modern Usenet

Usenet has a long history of devoted fans. Over the years it has become somewhat of a cult classic among the “geek” crowd.

By the end of the 90s it was offered by most ISPs. The cost of server maintenance would eventually lead to the end of public access by internet providers. Usenet access is now offered by premium providers that are able to maintain its quality.

But the Usenet of today is not the same as it used to be. Today’s Usenet is bigger, faster and more powerful than anything Dad could have imagined when he first logged onto Usenet 20 years ago.

Here are the top 3 reasons people continue to love Usenet:

1. Usenet gives you uncapped download speeds.

Other download technologies restrict your download speeds by forcing you to split your connection with other users. The result is sluggish downloads that seem to take forever to transfer.

Usenet is archived on a huge network of commercial grade servers that allow you to connect to them directly. You can download anything from the servers without having to share it with anybody else.

Because of this you are not restricted on how fast you can download. You can max out your internet connection, which allows large files to be transferred in just minutes. No more sitting around waiting for hours for downloads to complete.

With Usenet, you are downloading at lightning fast speeds.

2. Usenet is Secure.

Modern Usenet provides an unmatched level of security compared to other download methods.
Some Usenet providers offer a 256-bit SSL encrypted server connection. This is the same level of encryption used by your bank. You can connect with the servers and feel secure knowing your information is safe.

Usenet protects your privacy as well. Those encrypted connections mean that you have a secure tunnel from your computer to the Usenet server. Nobody can peek in on your connection.

Usenet provides the added layers of protection that are missing from other download methods.

3. Usenet is easy to use.

It wasn’t always the case, but today, Usenet can actually be easy to use. A few providers now offer all-in-one access.

To download from Usenet you used to need 3 different things: server access, a search engine, and a newsreader. Modern technologies have combined all 3 making downloading from Usenet a very user-friendly process.

In addition, some Usenet software now offers you the option to preview files before downloading as well. This helps ensure you get what you are looking for the first time.

Premium providers have simplified the modern Usenet experience making it easy to get what you need. Now you are just a click away from almost anything you can imagine.

Usenet has survived over 30 years of changing technologies. It began as a place where people came to share ideas, a potluck of the internet. It has survived because it has remained true to its roots and continues to do the same today. Usenet gives users a platform to share with one another.

With modern Usenet you can download faster, safer, and easier than ever before. What’s not to love about that?

Jared Scott is a full time Usenet geek and manager for Binverse.com. You can always find him online at Facebook or @Binverse.

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