Review: PressReader – The World’s Newspapers at your fingertips

14 Aug

PressReader:  The World’s Newspapers at your fingertips with over 2,200 newspapers from 97 countries and in 54 languages

PressReader for the iPad presents a huge selection of the world’s daily and weekend newspaper in all their glory, a rich and full featured interface makes reading a newspaper on your iPad a pleasant reality.

PressReader is subscription based service if you require unlimited access to all newspapers.  There’s also the ability to purchase individual issues for a small fee.

Favourite newspapers can be scheduled to download automatically each day or when new issues are published.  Old newspapers expire after a predetermined number of days, set in the settings menu.  Issues can be removed after 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks or 4 weeks or never.  Use this setting to limit the amount of space taken on your iPad.  Auto-delivery setting can also be edited from within the settings menu.

On opening the app select the Sources button and an amazing thing happens: you have access to thousands of newspapers.  There’s  a broad selection in many languages from many countries.  You can narrow the selection by country, language and/or popularity.

Choose the paper you want and it appears on the library newsstand main screen.  New issues have a green banner attached to the left hand corner of each paper allowing you easily locate today’s papers.

To open an issue tap on it, in landscape rotation you see the top half of the paper.  In Portrait rotation you can see the whole newspaper’s front page.

Most (if not all) headlines are highlighted in blue indicating SmartView is available for that article (see below of details of SmartView).  Tapping on part of the newspaper that’s not highlighted removes the blue highlighting showing the page ‘as is’.  double tap to zoom in (if needed) and read the article, swiping up or down scrolls the screen.  Swiping left or right moves from page to page.

If you tap a highlighted headlines PressReader enter SmartView mode, the screen flips over reveal a clean and uncluttered view with the text and and graphics flowed into columns allowing you to swipe across from article to article, best described by press reader itself:  “With SmartFlow, you are able to journey through the attention-grabbing SmartFlow stream of articles where visual clues will not only enhance your reading experience, they will reveal new content you’ll be delighted to discover.”

Tapping and holding on an article pops up a context menu allowing you to switch to SmartFlow, print, send to evernote, copy, record how you feel with a thumbs up or down, and finally leaving the best to last: Listen.

Listen: Most articles are transcribed into the spoken word, i.e speech.  Pressreader can read out loud newspapers of your choice. Different articles are read in different voices and male/female.  This makes listening to the articles engaging and easy to absorb.  The voices are nearly natural sounding and have intonation in the right places too.  You can skip forward of back through the articles if you want, just as you would in ‘real-life’

Imaging listen to your paper on the bus/train or plane – excellent!

Overall I have been greatly impressed with Pressreader.  I had a few minor occasional niggles such as articles not loading, and the occasional funny behaviour of the reader but none of these were showstoppers.  I expect these bugs will be trapped and corrected in future releases.

If you want iPad access to the full blown newspaper experience then I can confidently ‘say look no further’.  With PressReader you’ve got it!

PressReader – NewspaperDirect Inc.

(Many thanks go to Ray Wang at for allowing access to investigate and review press reader)