Review: PadPivot Stand

12 Jul

Balancing your iPad on your lap is a frequently done activity So just what everyone needs is, and here is a concept for you: a device to strap it to your leg! Let me introduce: PadPivot

The PadPivot features a suction cup attached to webbing strap that goes around your thigh, it tightens using a plastic buckle, and the suction cup then attaches to your ipad. Unfortunately the iPad has a brushed aluminium back – suction cups won’t vacuum suck on to it so a round clear glossy plastic sticker is provided (you stick it onto the back of the ipad) which then allows the suction cup to clamps onto your iPad.

Now I experience the iPad slipping syndrome, often making a last ditch attempt to grab it as it slides off my knee, but I would never ever think of strapping it to me…

This concept has so many flaws: Visiting the toilet for one example. What if you have to jump up to stop the cat walking along your bookcase or if you knocked over a cup of your favourite hot beverage. I’m now imagining ipad of be-strapped individuals staggering around the home with the iPad fully latched on never to be removed. Needless to say on my first attempt it was disastrous.

After this I gave up (sorry).

I’m sure some poeple must find this idea appealing and no doubt have found it really useful – I’m pleased, but from me, I’m sorry but it’s a no.

You can detach the iPad suction grip and use it as a table top stand so it does have a saving grace.

Thanks go to Ross Hampl of suppliers of all manner of goodies including lots of great iPad Accessories