Archive | April 27, 2014

WeeFeel releases a new series of apps focused on emotional awareness

27 Apr

Amid a growing focus on emotional awareness as a critical piece of early childhood development, WeeFeel Inc. today introduces The Bubble Bomps 1.0 for iPad, the first in a series of apps to help kids foster essential emotional skills. The educational app is a fantastic conversation-starter about what happens when children get the giggles and can’t calm down. This new story-based vehicle offers kids and parents a new way to identify and better manage their own feelings.

Evaderon – Arcade Style Evasion Game

27 Apr

Los Angeles based Little Bean Mobile’s sophomore release Evaderon 1.0.0 is an intuitive pick up and play game designed specifically for the mobile user. The goal is to collect as many points while avoiding the red enemies who would kill you instantly. Enemy entities randomly morph into power-ups giving you a chance to increase your score and survival time. All this is set to an energetic soundtrack for an exciting experience. Compare your score with your friends on Game Center Leaderboard.