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Animals Farm for Kids is a Fun Farm Sim App for Toddlers and Young Kids

3 Aug

Animals Farm For Kids 1.02 by Kids Games Projects transports toddlers and young children to the countryside, where they learn about farm-related tasks through simple cause-and-effect methods. The new iOS and Android app stimulates a child’s senses through image, sound and touch, and encourages them to discover and interact with the world around them. Featuring delightful kid-friendly graphics with rich, vibrant colors, along with playful sound effects, version 1.02 supports more languages.

Jolly Books Releases Their First App in a Series of History Mystery Apps

3 Aug

Virginia based independent publishing company, Jolly Books, LLC today introduces True Heroes 1781, their first game in a series of history mystery apps. Explore colonial times and discover life in the 1700’s! True Heroes 1781 is an educational app for elementary to middle school aged children and is loaded with historical fun. The app teaches kids about George Washington, life in colonial times and the birth of America. It features games, videos and more than a dozen historical facts.

SmartMotion – New Post-Capture Video Analytics Software

3 Aug

Ben Software Ltd, in conjunction with Pro Video Analytic Tools, today announced the release of SmartMotion, a new video analytics software product designed to work in conjunction with any video surveillance (CCTV) system. SmartMotion analyses captured footage at blazingly fast speeds, quickly finding events of interest, saving potentially thousands of dollars per year in terms of man-hours spent reviewing captured footage.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 8.5.1 (Yosemite Edition)

3 Aug

Maintain today announces Cocktail 8.5.1 (Yosemite Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running OS X Yosemite. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Macs. This version fixes compatibility issues with Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 and OS X Server 4.1. It also addresses many other issues and contains overall performance improvements. The update is highly recommended for all users of Cocktail.

Deliver Express 2.5.1 Adds Bandwidth Throttling for File Uploads

3 Aug

Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces Deliver Express 2.5.1, a feature update to its solution to automatically send files across the Internet and locally from watched hot folders with email notifications. Deliver Express can serve multiple users on a network and supports FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and other services. The new version adds an option to enable bandwidth throttling and specify the maximum speed for file uploads.

Back to School Time: Outline for iPad Goes Free for a Limited Time

3 Aug

Gorillized Corporation today announces a “Back to School” offer – the iPad version of Outline goes free for August 3-5. Outline is a smart digital notebook for iPad that provides powerful capabilities for teaching, studying in classroom, preparing lessons and everyday note-taking. Use your iPad with Outline together as an effective way to take typewritten or handwritten notes, annotate them, store, and organize together into structured notebooks.

Rinka: An Atmospheric Game from Japan Now Available for iOS and Android

3 Aug

Tsukishima Factory today introduces Rinka 1.0, their first mobile game for iOS and Android. Rinka is an inifinite runner with similar visual elements to games like Limbo and Badlands, but with light playing an integral role in gameplay. The player guides a Will O’ Wisp that lights up whenever a glowing orb is collected but will otherwise dim over time leaving the player surrounded by darkness. Travel from the calm and serene blues all the way through to the dangerous reds and illusive purples.

Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball! 1.2 available for free for iOS

3 Aug

Indie developer, Sebastian Huehn today releases Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball! 1.2, an update to his addictive game for iOS devices. With simplified hand controls, Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball! challenges the user to keep the tennis ball from touching the ground as long as possible. The player accomplishes this goal by tapping on the ball to keep it up in the air. Virtual Tennis – Hit the Ball! allows players to challenge friends through Game Center and share scores via Facebook and Twitter.

Great update for Mac version of legendary Toy Defense 2 game

2 Aug

Seattle based Melesta Games today announces a great update to the Mac version of its popular game Toy Defense 2, the sequel to the legendary tower defense game Toy Defense. Now Mac users will build up their army of toy soldiers and defend their bases against advancing waves of enemy attacks in a new game mode – PvP. The most epic and decisive battles of World War II are concentrated in this game. Toy Defense 2 for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store!

Farm Car 1.1 released for iOS – Fun Free Arcade Game

31 Jul

California based Barone Develop today announces Farm Car 1.1, an update to their fun-to-play arcade game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Farmer John has gone to town and left the garage open – full of his Farm Cars. Grab a Farm Car, jump the obstacles and lets ride! Players will unlock a farm car, and speed along the farm while avoiding snorting steer, crazy hen-driven tractors, overhead bomb birds and deep land pits. Version 1.1 offers minor bug fixes as well as new screenshots.