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Review: PadPivot Stand

12 Jul

Balancing your iPad on your lap is a frequently done activity So just what everyone needs is, and here is a concept for you: a device to strap it to your leg! Let me introduce: PadPivot The PadPivot features a suction cup attached to webbing strap that goes around your thigh, it tightens using a […]

Solving Slow iPhoto Problems and other iPhoto Troubleshooting | Mac Expert Guide

21 Feb

Solving Slow iPhoto Problems and other iPhoto Troubleshooting by macexpertguide November 14, 2012 Solving Slow iPhoto Problems and other iPhoto Troubleshooting If your iPhoto Library is large and complex, the database and files themselves may need repairing or rebuilding. Sometimes doing this can resolve issues such as the library appearing to be unreadable, missing photos, […]

Review: PressReader – The World’s Newspapers at your fingertips

14 Aug

PressReader:  The World’s Newspapers at your fingertips with over 2,200 newspapers from 97 countries and in 54 languages PressReader for the iPad presents a huge selection of the world’s daily and weekend newspaper in all their glory, a rich and full featured interface makes reading a newspaper on your iPad a pleasant reality. PressReader is […]

How-to: Disable the new Chrome Print Preview feature?

12 Jan

On the Mac, you can swap the keyboard shortcuts for printing in Chrome so the new option to print using the system dialog is ⌘P and the new shortcut ⌥⌘P maps to the Google Chrome Print Preview. Simply go into the System Preferences | Keyboard | Keyboard Shortcuts and select Application Shortcuts on the left […]

How-to: Modify your iPad cover to activate the auto unlock/lock function

11 Jan

3 Reasons to love Usenet

1 Dec

3 Reasons to love Usenet

3 Reasons To Love Usenet Guest author: Jared Scott What is Usenet? Usenet is a computer based discussion system that was created by two Duke University students in 1979. Started as a class project and released the following year to the public, Usenet was a ground-breaking technology. Users could post messages in various categories, called “newsgroups”, and […]

Software Update Error

31 May

In my system console log I noticed errors connected with Apple‘s built-in updating routines, and over in Apple’s discussion forum I had a thread describing the problem I was having with the Software Update process. I’m posting details of this issue here in case it proves helpful to others. Symptoms included errors in the log […]

Improve iTunes Audio Quality

24 May

If you want to enhance your iTunes audio, for a modest outlay, I thoroughly recommend iWoW by SRS Labs. This iTunes plug-in gives much deeper and richer bass, and a fully immersive surround sound quality to your music. At $29.99 it’s worth every cent (or for me in the UK, every penny). Try the free […]

Unix for Mac OS X

21 May

If you’re interested in learning about UNIX for the Mac OS X, or perhaps you occasionally need to open a terminal window to force a system restart, or maybe to kill a hung process (for example to restart the Dock) then a good place to begin is osxfaq and it’s UNIX tutorials. Another good website […]

Tip: Recover the Safari Location/Address Bar

20 May

Web sites often display pop-up windows, or forms, and suppress the location (address) bar so you cannot see where you’ve been routed to, or the full address of the page that has popped up. Occasionally, you may close the main Safari window by mistake leaving you with only the pop-up window and no obvious way […]