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Review: PadPivot Stand

12 Jul

Balancing your iPad on your lap is a frequently done activity So just what everyone needs is, and here is a concept for you: a device to strap it to your leg! Let me introduce: PadPivot The PadPivot features a suction cup attached to webbing strap that goes around your thigh, it tightens using a […]

Download Meter

25 May

Download Meter is a universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod that allows to track mobile internet data usage and to reduce spending on data usage every month. Just enter the data limit of your plan and the first day of the billing period, and the app will notify you automatically. The app was first […]

Review: TomTom Satnav App For iOS

28 May

Most of us need or use SatNav assistance at some point, whether it’s a “I wish I had a SatNav” due to being stuck in traffic and not knowing the back route to escape the jam or more of a general “I’m always getting lost” plea, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of these handy […]

Grippy Pad: Magically Stick Your Gadget To Your Dash | Gizmodo UK

13 Mar

Grippy Pad: Magically Stick Your Gadget To Your Dash Mario Aguilar – Attach a silicon Grippy Pad to your car’s dash, and your phone will stick to it as if by magic. Apparently taking its cue from the design of gecko’s feet, Grippy Pad sticks to gadgets without messy adhesives, velcro, or magnets. We haven’t […]