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VIDEO: Apple Wants Your iPhone To Become Your Wallet

1 Sep

Apple might soon announce a feature that would allow iPhones to act as a credit card when making payments in physical stores.

VIDEO: Spend 2 Minutes Watching This Smartwatch Roundup

28 Aug

LG announces a round-faced smartwatch, Samsung adds 3G connectivity to its latest wearable, and Apple will reportedly announce the iWatch on Sept. 9.

VIDEO: iPhone Screen Made Of Sapphire? What It Would Mean For You

15 Aug

What is sapphire crystal and why might Apple be using it in its upcoming iDevices?

VIDEO: What Can We Expect From Apple’s Rumored iWatch?

8 Aug

Apple’s rumored iWatch might be one of the most-covered nonexistent devices out there. So what should we believe?

VIDEO: Here’s What You Can Expect From The Next iPhone

6 Aug

Here’s a look at what you can expect when Apple announces the next iPhone(s), reportedly on September 9.

SaneBox – the answer to email overload

3 Aug

Email: can’t live without it, can’t live with it. It’s too much, too much good stuff, way too much mediocre ones, loads of waffle and uninteresting ‘valid’ spam. Like most I’m drowning in it, both personally and with email for this website, themactrack.com. I try to keep up – fail miserably. Its always there, always [...]

VIDEO: Apple Acquires ‘Pandora of Books’ Service BookLamp

26 Jul

Apple reportedly acquired analytics and recommendation engine BookLamp for between $10 and $15 million.

VIDEO: Bose Suing Beats Over Noise-Canceling Headphones Patent

26 Jul

On Friday electronics maker Bose announced a lawsuit against Beats Electronics, claiming the company infringed on noise-canceling headphone patents.

VIDEO: Google Won’t Call Games With In-App Add-Ons Free, Apple Will

18 Jul

The European Commission asked Google and Apple not to label apps “free” if they include in-app purchases. Google has complied; Apple has resisted.

VIDEO: Once Rivals, Apple And IBM Announce Partnership

16 Jul

Apple and IMB have announced they will team up to take on enterprise-level support for businesses.