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VIDEO: How Apple’s OS X Yosemite tracks you

22 Oct

Apple’s increased location tracking in its newest operating system, OS X Yosemite, has alarmed many Mac users. Security expert Ashkan Soltani explains the updated Spotlight search function and the privacy concerns.

VIDEO: Sizing up the iPhone 6 Plus | Post Buzz

22 Sep

Is the iPhone 6 Plus really an upgrade or is it more inconvenient than it’s worth? The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama puts Apple’s newest phone to the test.

VIDEO: The top 5 things announced at Apple’s event

10 Sep

From a foray into mobile payments to a new smartwatch, the company announced a bevy of new products and services that represent the future of Apple’s business.

VIDEO: What Is The Fate Of Apple’s IPhone 5C?

7 Sep

With Apple releasing new iPhones next week, the question arises: what will happen to its existing models? Just as a thought exercise, let’s talk this out. Though I personally like the look and feel, and think that it’s well built, the perception is that it’s a ‘lower end’ device that packs older innards. By dedicating […]

VIDEO: Who’s To Blame For The Celeb Photo Hack?

3 Sep

Both the FBI and Apple are looking into who was behind the hack that led to leaked nude images of A-list celebrities over the weekend.

VIDEO: Google Teases India Event, Possible Android One Reveal

2 Sep

Google has announced a Sept. 15 event in India during which they’re expected to reveal their Android One phones.

VIDEO: Apple Publishes The Top 10 Reasons They Reject Apps

2 Sep

Whether you’ve ever built an iOS app or not, you’ve probably heard tales of how frustrating it can be to get Apple’s stamp of approval. But why does Apple reject apps? What are the big mistakes that most developers make? In the first release of what looks to be something Apple intends to update regularly, […]

VIDEO: Apple Wants Your iPhone To Become Your Wallet

1 Sep

Apple might soon announce a feature that would allow iPhones to act as a credit card when making payments in physical stores.

VIDEO: Spend 2 Minutes Watching This Smartwatch Roundup

28 Aug

LG announces a round-faced smartwatch, Samsung adds 3G connectivity to its latest wearable, and Apple will reportedly announce the iWatch on Sept. 9.

VIDEO: iPhone Screen Made Of Sapphire? What It Would Mean For You

15 Aug

What is sapphire crystal and why might Apple be using it in its upcoming iDevices?