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VIDEO: Hands On With Jelly, A New Social Search Engine

8 Jan

Jelly is a new search engine from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. It uses your social networks to bring you answers to your questions.

VIDEO: Mossberg’s Swan Song: 20 Years of Personal Tech

18 Dec

Remember the Apple Newton? How about Netscape? Even if these products did not last until the present, they left their mark in the evolution of personal technology. For his final WSJ video column, Walt Mossberg takes us through the last 20 years.

VIDEO: U.S. Tech Companies Call For More Controls On Surveillance

10 Dec

Eight major U.S. web companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, made a joint call on Monday for tighter controls on how governments collect personal data, intensifying the furor over online surveillance.

VIDEO: Instagram Lands On Windows Phone

20 Nov

After much anticipation, the official Instagram app launched on Windows Phone Wednesday The app comes just one week after the Twitter-owned video social network Vine popped up for Windows Phone. The news isn’t much of a surprise, it’s been known that Instagram would eventually show up, thanks to an announcement at Nokia World.

VIDEO: Blackberry CEO steps down amidst struggle.

5 Nov

iPad Mini shortage! Selfies get their own app! iPhone 5S sells dud batteries.

VIDEO: Google builds floating stores!

4 Nov

Get Books Before Their Release! In-home Imax! Nokia comes back! Bill Gates: Internet won’t save the world.

VIDEO: Don’t Google Glass and Drive.

1 Nov

Adobe Hack Affects 38 Million. Barnes and Noble’s new e-reader. Steve Job’s named historic site. Facebook admits to loosing Younger Generations. Seeing a lot of Cartoons on Facebook?

VIDEO: Dell Ultrabook’s Recalled For Cat Urine Smell

31 Oct

New GPS bullet tracks criminals. Are all your Facebook friends giraffes? Nintendo suffers from smartphone gaming. Samsung’s new app software.

VIDEO: Twitter Opens Up Overseas Operation

19 Oct

Valleywag brings us the news that Twitter has set up its overseas operations on much the same lines as Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and everyone else does. For the clear and obvious reason that as everyone else does this there’s probably some benefit in doing it this way. That benefit being that it is [...]

VIDEO: Apple Reinstates Online Purchases for iPhone 5S.

30 Sep

Amazon brings back a killed product. Nike Designer teams up with Apple. Facebook reworks its advertising. Emergency tweets?