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VIDEO: Androids more secure than iPhones?

9 Oct

Trade veto denied for Samsung. Former Apple CEO praises Tim Cook’s takeover. Yahoo Mail gets a sweet 16 makeover. KDMS hacker team responsible for WhatsApp hack.

Funtastic Photos 1.0.1, A solid improvement to a great mac photo editor

15 Oct

Funtastic Photos 1.0.1, A solid improvement to a great mac photo editor

Ohanaware, a company specializing in photo editing software announced the immediate availability of an update to their flagship product Funtastic Photos. Funtastic Photos is an Easy To Use Evolutionary Photo Editor for the Macintosh platform. This update (free to existing customer) features over 63 improvements to Funtastic Photos and illustrates Ohanaware’s commitment to making Funtastic Photos one of the best Photo Editors available for the Macintosh platform.

Newsfire RSS Feed Reader Updated

15 May

The excellent free RSS news feed reader Newsfire has been updated with a minor bug fix release [now v1.5 (73)]. Flickr images in news articles are now displaying correctly 100% of the time. Newsfire is a great feed reader for Apple Macs. If you are looking for a reader for your RSS feeds you should […]

Flickr Geotagging Using Google Maps

13 Mar

If you use Flickr and like to geotag your photos, storing map location info along with each shot then a great little utility to help you achieve this can be found at sumaato blog. Simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar (most major browsers are supported), then when you are viewing one of your […]