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VIDEO: White House Vetoes Ban on Sale of Some iPhones, iPads

5 Aug

The Obama administration vetoed a U.S. trade body’s ban on the sale of some Apple iPhones and iPads, a rare move that upends a legal victory for smartphone rival Samsung Electronics.

VIDEO: Demand woes bite Apple

24 Jul

In Apple’s latest quarter, it sold 20% more iPhones than a year earlier, but more customers opted for cheaper models.

VIDEO: Apple News Byte: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Lawmakers Square Off Over Taxes

22 May

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Lawmakers Square Off Over Taxes. EU leaders look to end Apple-style tax avoidance schemes. Senators Turn Tim Cook’s Hearing into a Genius Bar Visit

VIDEO: Tech News – Facebook, IDC, Apple

2 May

Facebook Profit Rises Amid Mobile Boom Microsoft’s Surface Pro ‘is not there yet,’ says IDC Is Apple losing its edge to a cheaper, smarter tablet market?

VIDEO: Apple News – IPhone, China, Tim Cook

3 Apr

Apple to Begin iPhone Production Apple issues apology following attacks in China Apple Apologizes To Chinese Consumers For Seeming ‘Arrogant,’ Promises Warranty Changes

VIDEO: Scout’s Free App Offers Voice Control Navigation

21 Mar

Scout is as easy on the eyes as it is to use. The free iOS and Android app is cracking the top charts this week as lost drivers continue to find refuge in its effortless directions.

Free live TV on your Mac (or PC or Linux box)

23 Oct

Free live TV on your Mac (or PC or Linux box)

Zattoo is real live TV, for free, on your PC, Mac or Linux box. Watch BBC channels, ITV, CH4 and Five (plus many more) From the Zattoo website: It’s absolutely free. It’s the football game as you chat, the news as you email, and your favorite soap as you pay your bills. Zattoo is also […]

Geoff Smith’s Ones and 0s

31 Jul

Geoff Smith’s Ones and 0s

This is a music video for Geoff Smith‘s Ones and 0s, a song about how nasty comments on a blog post can really hurt a person. Ones and 0s by Geoff Smith from Cali Lewis on Vimeo. [Courtesy of Cali Lewis, Geek Brief TV ]

Take Remote Control of Your Mac

11 May

Take Remote Control of Your Mac

Have you ever needed to access your Mac when away from the office, your home, or when out and about, for example at an airport, friends house, or internet cafe?  If so then your problems are over: LogMeIn Free is a great service provided by LogMeIn (surprisingly). Once set-up on your Mac (Windows is also […]

RSS News Reader for the Mac

25 Mar

If you are looking for a great RSS newsreader for the Mac then I highly recommend the feed reader Newsfire. Click to enlarge It’s configurable, it allows video and audio playback within the reader and it’s fast. Navigation is a breeze: simply press the spacebar to view each new news article, and to open the […]