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VIDEO: Google Teases India Event, Possible Android One Reveal

2 Sep

Google has announced a Sept. 15 event in India during which they’re expected to reveal their Android One phones.

VIDEO: FTC Targets Amazon For Lax In-App Purchase Rules

11 Jul

The Federal Trade Commission has sued Amazon, claiming they unfairly charged parents for in-app purchases made by their children without permission.

VIDEO: Why Have Apple And Google Ended Their ‘Thermonuclear War’?

18 May

Apple and Google have agreed to end their bitter patent battle, instead working toward patent reform. It’s a move that has many wondering why.

VIDEO: Apple Looking To Acquire Beats For $3.2 Billion

9 May

The purchase would help shore up Apple’s share of the music subscription service industry, thanks to Beats Music.

VIDEO: Tech Companies Defy Government, Alert Users Of Data Requests

2 May

Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are revising their privacy policies to more often notify users of government data requests.

VIDEO: How Is Digital Security Changing With The Rise Of Mobile?

25 Apr

Web security is on everyone’s minds these days, especially in light of the recent Heartbleed internet security breach. With consumers purchasing products online from all over the world, it’s particularly important to provide them with secure browsing and payment options. Over the last several years, web hosts have launched security features to protect websites from […]

VIDEO: Fire TV: Amazon’s new video streaming device

2 Apr

Amazon is stepping up its presence in the TV and video streaming space to compete with Apple TV and Google Chromecast. The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama explains what you need to know about the new device and how the change might affect you.

VIDEO: Microsoft Sparks Privacy Outcry After Reading User’s Hotmail

22 Mar

Microsoft admitted it searched the email account of a Hotmail user to find a leaker, raising fears of privacy violations.

VIDEO: Google’s Larry Page At TED2014 Talks Search, Surveillance

20 Mar

Larry Page gave an interview at TED2014 that touched on everything from surveillance to autonomous driving.

VIDEO: Microsoft to Launch ‘Siri’ Competitor Named ‘Cortana’

4 Mar

“Cortana,” which takes its name from the Halo video game series, will receive voice commands to call contacts, pull up apps and search the Internet.