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Spotlight keyboard shortcuts from MacOSXHints.com

18 Nov

Spotlight keyboard shortcuts from MacOSXHints.com When viewing Spotlight search results, there are a number of shortcuts you can use to quickly perform actions or your search or its results. Simply move your cursor over an item, or use the arrow keys to navigate, to select items.

Tip: Recover the Safari Location/Address Bar

20 May

Web sites often display pop-up windows, or forms, and suppress the location (address) bar so you cannot see where you’ve been routed to, or the full address of the page that has popped up. Occasionally, you may close the main Safari window by mistake leaving you with only the pop-up window and no obvious way […]

Discover what Time Machine is doing

10 May

Ever wondered what Apple’s Time Machine is actually doing? Here’s a quick tip on how to view the Time Machine logs: Open the Console utility (found in: /Applications/Utilities) If the toolbar is not showing click on the little lozenge shaped button in the very top right of the console utility In the left hand pane […]

Web Kit enhances browsing experience

4 May

Apple’s Safari web browser is built around the open source web engine called Web Kit. This is developed by the open source community and updated each and every day (and is recompiled nightly). This ensures that the browser’s ‘engine’ is the most up to date possible, supporting emerging standards and compatibility. Additionally you benefit from […]