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Improve iTunes Audio Quality

24 May

If you want to enhance your iTunes audio, for a modest outlay, I thoroughly recommend iWoW by SRS Labs. This iTunes plug-in gives much deeper and richer bass, and a fully immersive surround sound quality to your music. At $29.99 it’s worth every cent (or for me in the UK, every penny). Try the free […]

Get faster downloads with iGetter

9 May

Get faster downloads with iGetter

[ad] If you are looking for a great download manager, or a tool that improves your download speeds then take a look at iGetter (available for both Windows and Macs). iGetter integrates with your chosen web browser and takes over the handling of the download task(s). iGetter allows you to queue up downloads, have multiple […]

How-to: Speed Up Firefox

7 Mar

By default Firefox only opens one connection at a time when loading a web page. On fast broadband connections this isn’t usually too much of a problem but should your speed drop at busy times, or if pages seems to load slowly there’s a great little tweak you can implement called “Pipelining”. It’s also beneficial […]