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VIDEO: Sizing up the iPhone 6 Plus | Post Buzz

22 Sep

Is the iPhone 6 Plus really an upgrade or is it more inconvenient than it’s worth? The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama puts Apple’s newest phone to the test.

VIDEO: The top 5 things announced at Apple’s event

10 Sep

From a foray into mobile payments to a new smartwatch, the company announced a bevy of new products and services that represent the future of Apple’s business.

VIDEO: What Is The Fate Of Apple’s IPhone 5C?

7 Sep

With Apple releasing new iPhones next week, the question arises: what will happen to its existing models? Just as a thought exercise, let’s talk this out. Though I personally like the look and feel, and think that it’s well built, the perception is that it’s a ‘lower end’ device that packs older innards. By dedicating […]

VIDEO: China Telecom Posts IPhone 6 Pre-Order Page, But Don’t Trust Its Pics And Info

5 Sep

China Telecom has a new pre-order page up for the iPhone 6, despite the fact that it’s still not official, and likely won’t be until Apple’s big unveiling event on September 9. The website depicts high quality renders of a new iPhone model as viewed from the side. The images are in line with what […]

VIDEO: iPhone Screen Made Of Sapphire? What It Would Mean For You

15 Aug

What is sapphire crystal and why might Apple be using it in its upcoming iDevices?

VIDEO: FTC Targets Amazon For Lax In-App Purchase Rules

11 Jul

The Federal Trade Commission has sued Amazon, claiming they unfairly charged parents for in-app purchases made by their children without permission.

VIDEO: Facebook Launches ‘Slingshot’ App To Rival ‘Snapchat’

17 Jun

“Slingshot” has all the same basic functions as “Snapchat,” but with a few minor tweaks here and there.

VIDEO: What To Expect When You’re Expecting WWDC

31 May

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference begins Monday. Here’s what the tech world says you should expect.

VIDEO: New Report Details Big Changes For Apple Stores Under New Boss Angela Ahrendts

19 May

Apple recently hired a new retail boss in former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts and 9to5Mac’s sources say that she’s planning a big, much-needed shakeup to Apple’s retail operation. The biggest change that Ahrendts seems intent on making is adding more mobile payment integration into Apple’s retail stores to blur “the lines between Apple’s online and […]

VIDEO: Why Have Apple And Google Ended Their ‘Thermonuclear War’?

18 May

Apple and Google have agreed to end their bitter patent battle, instead working toward patent reform. It’s a move that has many wondering why.