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VIDEO: App Fights Jet Lag With The Power Of Math

14 Apr

Researchers at the University of Michigan have designed an app to fight jet lag by adjusting your body’s light intake.

VIDEO: Lead Apple Software Designer To Leave Company

10 Apr

Apple Human Interface Vice President Greg Christie is leaving Apple after nearly two decades with the company.

VIDEO: What’s New In Apple’s iOS 7.1?

12 Mar

Apple released iOS 7.1 Tuesday. It’s a small upgrade with a few noticeable feature and design changes.

VIDEO: Samsung Pushed Out Of IPhone 6 Chip Production?

5 Mar

A new AFP report, which cites a Commercial Times story, says that A8 chip production for the iPhone 6 family of phones has started, with Taiwan’s TSMC being the primary chip maker for the handset. Samsung has apparently been left mostly out of chip production, the report hints, as TSMC has “won most of the [...]

VIDEO: Microsoft to Launch ‘Siri’ Competitor Named ‘Cortana’

4 Mar

“Cortana,” which takes its name from the Halo video game series, will receive voice commands to call contacts, pull up apps and search the Internet.

VIDEO: Post Buzz: 2014 CES International preview

3 Jan

The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama gives of a preview of what to look out for at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show International in Las Vegas, Nevada.

VIDEO: Apple Denies Giving NSA Spying Access Through Products

1 Jan

Apple said it hadn’t known about an NSA program allowing the agency to spy through Apple products and will work to improve product security.

VIDEO: Apple Announces Deal With China Mobile

23 Dec

China Mobile has finally signed a deal with Apple, bringing the iPhone to China Mobile’s 769 million customers.

VIDEO: Mossberg’s Swan Song: 20 Years of Personal Tech

18 Dec

Remember the Apple Newton? How about Netscape? Even if these products did not last until the present, they left their mark in the evolution of personal technology. For his final WSJ video column, Walt Mossberg takes us through the last 20 years.

VIDEO: President Obama ‘Forbidden’ To Use iPhone

6 Dec

It turns out there’s a reason President Obama has a Blackberry: security. He says he’s not allowed to have an iPhone, but does have an iPad.