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VIDEO: Researchers Teach Smartphones To Recognize Your Activity, Lock Out Everyone Else

7 Apr

Swipe patterns, passwords and fingerprint scanners are useful for keeping that mobile device locked down from the outside, but what happens once that code is cracked? Well, cybersecurity researchers at Georgia Tech have developed LatentGesture that continuously monitors gadgets for intruders based on taps and swipes. If the system detects any use patterns that vary [...]

VIDEO: Here’s When Samsung First Realized The IPhone Would Crush Rivals

7 Apr

New evidence presented in the second Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuit reveals that Samsung realized early on that the iPhone would pose a significant threat to handset makers, identifying Apple as the company to beat in the years to come. In an internal presentation from July 2008, Samsung acknowledged that the iPhone 3G was “redefining [...]

VIDEO: Apple’s IOS 7.1 Lands With CarPlay, Improved Fingerprint Scanner

10 Mar

Apple released an update to its iOS 7 mobile operating system on Monday, dubbed ios 7.1. The new operating system includes CarPlay support, and tweaks to Siri and iTunes Radio. Apple unveiled iOS 7 at its developer conference in June of last year and released the operating system in September. The software underwent a complete [...]

VIDEO: Apple’s Cook Tries To Tantalize Shareholders

28 Feb

Apple CEO Tim Cook is still trying to convince shareholders that the iPhone maker remains a step ahead in the race to innovate, even though recent performance of the company’s stock lags behind other technology trendsetters. Cook tantalized the crowd at one point when he told them he planned to provide a glimpse at the [...]

VIDEO: IPhone 5s Owners Are The Most Data-Hungry Smartphone Users, Study Says

23 Jan

It looks like iPhone 5s users are the most data-hungry smartphone owners out there. According to a new study, iPhone 5s users consume more data than those operating on the iPhones biggest competitor, the Galaxy S4 and previous iPhone versions. The most recent survey from JDSU aligns with the companys findings in previous years. For [...]

VIDEO: IPhones Dominate Sales At All Four Major U.S. Carriers

13 Dec

Apple’s latest iPhones are topping the charts at U.S. carriers. That’s the latest from Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley, who says that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have been among the top three sellers at all four major U.S. carriers during the past three months. Prior to the launch of the iPhone 5s [...]

VIDEO: IOS 7 May Not Be The Smash Hit Apple Expected

19 Oct

There’s no doubt that a lot of Apple users have upgraded their smartphones and tablets to iOS 7 so far but there may be a sizable portion of the company’s user base holding out. MillennialMedia has noticed that adoption of iOS 7 seems to have lagged behind where adoption for iOS 6 was one week [...]

VIDEO: Apple Cuts IPhone 5C Orders

16 Oct

The move raises concerns about demand and pricing strategy for the lower-cost device.

VIDEO: Game Time With the Nintendo 2DS

10 Oct

The Nintendo 2DS doesn’t offer much for hard-core gamers, but then again, it’s not really intended for them. Find out more in AllThingsD’s review.

VIDEO: IPhone 5C And 5S Launch Date

14 Sep

The Apple iPhone 5C is now available for preorder from Apple and all major wireless carriers in the United States. The much anticipated iPhone 5S will not be available for preorder. Both phones will hit store shelves, both physical and virtual on September 20