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VIDEO: Look Out, Neil Young — Sony’s Got A High-Res Music Player, Too

4 Sep

Neil Young gave the “high resolution” music movement a huge boost this past spring with his PonoPlayer, which blew the doors of Kickstarter to the tune of $6 million. Now Sony, which has a history with high-res music, is getting in on the action. Sony’s high-resolution NWZ-A17 Walkman costs $299, and is like a silver […]

VIDEO: Mossberg’s Swan Song: 20 Years of Personal Tech

18 Dec

Remember the Apple Newton? How about Netscape? Even if these products did not last until the present, they left their mark in the evolution of personal technology. For his final WSJ video column, Walt Mossberg takes us through the last 20 years.

VIDEO: Waiting For Apple Update On New Products, Categories? Keep Waiting

29 Oct

For anyone hoping for to get a peek at what Apple has in store in the coming months and next, don’t count on much more clarity from Chief Executive Tim Cook. During a conference call to discuss results, Cook said he was standing by his statement from earlier this year that its customers and investors […]

VIDEO: MP3 Players You Can Take to the Pool or Beach

23 Sep

Swimming laps can be pretty boring. Can waterproof MP3 players help motivate you? AllThingsD’s Lauren Goode tests two pool-friendly music players, the Finis Neptune and the Underwater Audio iPod.

VIDEO: Everything You Can Expect From The New IPhone 5C

9 Sep

The wait is almost over. The rumor mill has been churning up tales of a low-cost iPhone, often dubbed “iPhone mini,” since shortly after the original iPhone debuted in 2007. While it doesn’t look like there will be anything “mini” about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C, which is shaping up to actually be a bit larger […]

VIDEO: Yahoo Tech Headlines – Facebook, Microsoft, IPhone, Sony Corp

14 Jun

Facebook Is Asking for Permission to Disclose More on NSA Data Requests. Xbox One’s $499 prce tag called ‘dangerous’. New iPhone 5S parts leak, again pointing to internal overhaul. Entry-level iPhone, Retina iPad mini to reportedly begin shipping in August. Good times roll at E3 videogame trade show, for now

VIDEO: Macintosh News Byte: Apple’s New Problem Has Silver(ish) Lining

10 Jun

Apple’s new problem has silver(ish) lining. Apple to live-stream WWDC 2013 keynote. Apple Must Shock and Amaze Once More

VIDEO: Apple News Byte: U.S. Takes Apple to Trial Over E-books Price-fixing

2 Jun

U.S. takes Apple to trial over e-books price-fixing. Trade panel delays decision in Apple-Samsung fight. Ireland writes to U.S. Senators to reject tax claims

VIDEO: Tech News – Keith Richards, Facebook, Windows RT.

2 May

Keith Richards says Apple’s iPod shortchanges customers Facebook App Install Ads Helped 3800 Developers Drive 25M Downloads Tablets with Windows RT see slow sales

VIDEO: IOS News – Apple, UL, Ming-Chi Kuo, IPhone

15 Mar

Apple Breaks Out Of Funk As New Galaxy Launches. UL warns of counterfeit Apple USB power adapters. Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone Reportedly Getting The Same 4-Inch Display As iPhone 5, ‘Super-Thin’ Plastic Case. Why Apple Should Worry About the Samsung Galaxy S IV