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VIDEO: Dell Refresh Of XPS 13 Arrives With Apple In Its Sights

16 Nov

Dell has begun selling the refresh of a strong rival to Apple’s MacBook Air, the XPS 13. The updated model sports a “Haswell” fourth-generation Core processor — the power-efficient U series variety — and comes for the first time with a touch screen option. Specs for the $1,300 XPS 13 include 8GB of RAM, a [...]

VIDEO: Apple TV Predictions All Over The Map: Now 2015 Or Later

13 Nov

Forecasting when the Apple TV will arrive has become a sport. Now one analyst is even saying 2015 — or later. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, said he believes an Apple TV — a real TV and not the set-top box variety — won’t arrive until 2015 or 2016. And he cites some of the [...]

VIDEO: Waiting For Apple Update On New Products, Categories? Keep Waiting

29 Oct

For anyone hoping for to get a peek at what Apple has in store in the coming months and next, don’t count on much more clarity from Chief Executive Tim Cook. During a conference call to discuss results, Cook said he was standing by his statement from earlier this year that its customers and investors [...]

VIDEO: Higher-res IPad, Lower-cost IMac Coming, KGI Says

14 Oct

KGI Securities offers a tip sheet on iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks coming in 2014. [Read more]

VIDEO: Chatter Surfaces About ‘fast’ Apple A7 Chip For IPhone 5S

25 Aug

A tweet from a Fox News reporter claims new Apple silicon rumored to land in the iPhone 5S is “very fast” while an Apple-centric blog says it will be 64-bit — echoing a previous rumor. Clayton Morris tweeted that Apple’s next-generation A7 chip is running at about 31% faster than A6.

VIDEO: iPhone 5S gets glitzy? Sapphire home button

12 Aug

The iPhone 5 already has a sapphire lens cover. But according to KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo the 5S will get a convex sapphire home button too.

VIDEO: Apple said to use Samsung components on A7 iPhone chip

1 Aug

After much back and forth, according to 9to5Mac, it is now rumored that Apple’s forthcoming A7 processor will have at least some Samsung components.

VIDEO: Next iPhone Reported to Have Fingerprint Reader

30 Jul

With Apple expected to release a new iPhone in September, new reports indicate that the next version,assumed to be called the iPhone 5S,will have a fingerprint reader.

VIDEO: Apple’s iPhone activation servers experience downtime

25 Jul

New iPhone owners are reportedly experiencing issues getting their devices up and running, due to problems with Apple’s activation servers.

VIDEO: Demand woes bite Apple

24 Jul

In Apple’s latest quarter, it sold 20% more iPhones than a year earlier, but more customers opted for cheaper models.