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VIDEO: Android Security Flaw Leaves Gmail Vulnerable To Hackers

23 Aug

A security flaw in Android — and potentially all — mobile devices allows malicious apps to exploit a phone’s shared memory and seize sensitive data.

VIDEO: Apple Wins $119 Million In Samsung Patent Suit

3 May

The ruling in the latest Apple v. Samsung patent suit found both companies had infringed on tech patents, but imposed relatively mild penalties.

VIDEO: What’s New In Apple’s iOS 7.1?

12 Mar

Apple released iOS 7.1 Tuesday. It’s a small upgrade with a few noticeable feature and design changes.

VIDEO: Microsoft to Launch ‘Siri’ Competitor Named ‘Cortana’

4 Mar

“Cortana,” which takes its name from the Halo video game series, will receive voice commands to call contacts, pull up apps and search the Internet.

VIDEO: Take A Look At Shazam’s Updated iPhone App

11 Feb

Shazam updated its iPhone app Monday. With a fresh design, it aims to keep users engaged longer.

VIDEO: Apple Takes Down Last Bitcoin-Transaction App

6 Feb

Blockchain was taken out of the App Store Wednesday night, and some see its removal as another sign Apple doesn’t like Bitcoin.

VIDEO: Is Apple Testing A Smarter Battery For iWatch?

4 Feb

A New York Times report Sunday says Apple’s putting resources into coming up with a new way to keep devices, like the rumored iWatch, charged longer.

VIDEO: Hands On With Jelly, A New Social Search Engine

8 Jan

Jelly is a new search engine from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. It uses your social networks to bring you answers to your questions.

VIDEO: IPhones Dominate Sales At All Four Major U.S. Carriers

13 Dec

Apple’s latest iPhones are topping the charts at U.S. carriers. That’s the latest from Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley, who says that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have been among the top three sellers at all four major U.S. carriers during the past three months. Prior to the launch of the iPhone 5s […]

VIDEO: Jawbone’s UP24 is New and Improved

2 Dec

Jawbone’s new UP24 activity-tracking wristband has some welcome — but small — improvements over the last UP band. AllThingsD’s Lauren Goode reports.