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VIDEO: Spotify Unlocks Mobile Listening To Free Service

11 Dec

Spotify, the Swedish-based music service will begin pushing its free-of-charge service into the mobile space starting with tablets first.

VIDEO: Why Did Apple Buy Twitter Tool Topsy?

3 Dec

Apple purchases Twitter analytics firm Topsy, likely for $200 million.

VIDEO: Mossberg Reviews the Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speaker

20 Nov

If you like Sonos wireless speaker products but don’t want to break the bank, you may be interested in the new Play:1. Walt Mossberg tried it out and says you will probably like it, despite a couple of downsides. (Photo: Sonos)

VIDEO: Twitter To Kill The Music App Nobody Knew It Had

22 Oct

Twitter To Kill The Music App Nobody Knew It Had

VIDEO: Top Tech Stories of the Day: Myspace, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Team Up for Music Livestream

18 Jun

Myspace, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Team Up for Music Livestream. Samsung Is Building a Super-Fast LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4. Study: iOS Platform Of Choice For Shoppers

VIDEO: Is Apple’s iRadio Set to Launch Next Week?

4 Jun

Apple inked deals with Warner and Universal Music for its not-yet-released music streaming service, iRadio, ahead of WWDC.

VIDEO: Yahoo Board Approves $1.1 Billion Tumblr Acquisition and Other News You Need to Know

20 May

Yahoo’s board has approved a $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr; Pinterest introduced new pins for products, recipes, and movies; and Bloom.fm tries something different in the music streaming service arena.

VIDEO: Apple’s iTunes Turns 10 Years Old

28 Apr

As part of the celebration, the tech giant is rolling out its decade of iTunes collection, highlighting the top selling songs and albums.

VIDEO: Hands-On With Twitter #Music

23 Apr

Twitter teased music lovers with the preview of its new music streaming service, but now #Music is in the hands of the Twitterverse. Today, we’ll test out Twitter’s take on music discovery.

VIDEO: Flash to the Beat with the iEqualizer iPhone Case

24 Mar

A glitzy case from accessory maker Strapya World flashes stylized frequency bars in response to noises around it.