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VIDEO: Apple’s ‘Continuity’ Lets Phone Calls And Apps Work Across Devices

6 Jun

A new feature for OS X called “Continuity,” announced at Apple’s WWDC conference Monday, allows apps and calls to switch between devices — assuming you have an iPhone and a Mac. Say you’re tapping out an email on your iPhone in the elevator, and before you finish, you’re at your desk. Instead of hitting “save […]

VIDEO: Bring Back Apple’s Mac Vs. PC Ads Since Windows XP Isn’t Supported

14 Apr

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP last Tuesday–over 12 years since it was first sold in October 2001. While most businesses knew this was coming, almost 30% of the worldwide installed PC operating systems are still running on Windows XP. Unfortunately, now that the system is unsupported, it might become more vulnerable to viruses […]

VIDEO: IOS 8 Could Simplify Notification Center, Add Better App-To-App Data Sharing, Ditch Game Center App

14 Mar

A new report from 9to5Mac details a number of small tweaks we could see in the upcoming iOS 8 release from Apple. As always, the blog stipulates that these are merely things that are in development or have been worked on, and won’t necessarily see introduction in iOS 8, but they could significantly change the […]

VIDEO: Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market In Japan

11 Nov

Apple Inc. is striking gold in an unlikely place: Japan. In the past two years, Japan has emerged as Apple’s fastest-growing region, far outpacing its home market and the booming economies of Greater China and the rest of Asia. Japan is also home to Apple’s biggest profit margins, and the only one of Apple’s five […]

VIDEO: Update To Windows Phone Paves Way For Devices With Larger Screens, Quad-Core Chips

14 Oct

However, the next big update to Microsoft’s phone operating system will have to wait until next year.. Press renders suggest that the Galaxy S4 Mini will soon touch down at a number of US carriers, and Sprint could soon intro a 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega of its own. [Read more]. Samsung and Apple stand firmly at […]

VIDEO: Moto X phone debuts

19 Jul

Here comes the Moto X. If you haven’t heard about it already, you will. It’s the first smartphone produced by Motorola Mobility under the company’s new Google overlords. It claims to be the first smartphone made in the United States.

VIDEO: Microsoft News Byte: Microsoft Moving Windows to Rapid Release Cycle

26 Jun

Microsoft Moving Windows to Rapid Release Cycle. MICROSOFT EVENT: Latest Windows adjustments. Telefonica To Give Windows Phone 8 An Extra Push To Try To Dilute Android, iOS

VIDEO: Tech Companies News Byte: Samsung to Exit Desktop PC Business

25 Jun

Samsung to exit desktop PC business. Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta For iPad And iPad Mini With New Update, Brings Voice Memos Back. Is iOS Fragmenting? Not Nearly as Much as Android.

VIDEO: Top Tech Stories of the Day: New BlackBerry With Keyboard to Hit US Stores

4 Jun

New BlackBerry with keyboard to hit US stores. Cubans try out new public Internet centers. Viacom Strikes Deal With Amazon to Stream Children’s Shows

app4mac releases CheckUp 1.2 for Mac OS X

26 Jul

app4mac releases CheckUp 1.2 for Mac OS X

app4mac today released CheckUp 1.2, a new update to the innovative tool that allows you to check the health and monitor the behavior of a Mac computer. Built from the ground up with Mac OS X technologies, CheckUp features an amazing user interface. CheckUp is first designed to monitor the usage of CPU, Memory, Disk Drives and Network Adapters. CheckUp works with any Mac with a PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel Processor.