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VIDEO: Test: Every IPhone Ever Gets Speed Tested Side-By-Side

30 Sep

Sure, each new iPhone is faster than the last.. on paper. But how do these speed increases actually translate into day-to-day use? Managing to pull together each of the eight generations of iPhones released since 2007, the guys over at the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel have put together a side-by-side speed test showing how quickly each […]

Tip: Recover the Safari Location/Address Bar

20 May

Web sites often display pop-up windows, or forms, and suppress the location (address) bar so you cannot see where you’ve been routed to, or the full address of the page that has popped up. Occasionally, you may close the main Safari window by mistake leaving you with only the pop-up window and no obvious way […]

Web Kit enhances browsing experience

4 May

Apple’s Safari web browser is built around the open source web engine called Web Kit. This is developed by the open source community and updated each and every day (and is recompiled nightly). This ensures that the browser’s ‘engine’ is the most up to date possible, supporting emerging standards and compatibility. Additionally you benefit from […]