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VIDEO: Facebook Experiments With Disappearing Posts

11 Sep

The ephemeral messaging apps space dominated by Snapchat keeps growing. Now it seems Facebook is adding to the trend again — in a whole new way. In a question and answer section on Facebook, the company now describes how to set a post you’ve published to expire, a process that allows the message to disappear. […]

VIDEO: Microsoft Frames Itself As Underdog

4 Apr

Satya Nadella is pushing Microsoft to look outside of Windows. He still has work to do. In his 60 days as Microsoft’s third CEO, Mr. Nadella has accelerated the spread of company software to the 85% of computing devices not running Windows, the operating system that made it famous. Last week, he launched a version […]

VIDEO: Post Buzz: 2014 CES International preview

3 Jan

The Post’s Hayley Tsukayama gives of a preview of what to look out for at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show International in Las Vegas, Nevada.

VIDEO: Pfizer’s Prescription For BlackBerry-Using Employees: IPhone And Android

15 Nov

Interim CEO John Chen says BlackBerry isn’t dwelling on the past, but looking to the future . Unfortunately for the languishing smartphone maker, some of its big clients are doing the same, even in spite of Blackberry’s new products. Other companies, like Pfizer, are responding to the uncertainty around Blackberry’s business by beginning to phase […]

VIDEO: Android KitKat Details Leak, Show Google’s Wearable Tech Hopes

31 Oct

We know Google’s next update to Android, to edition 4.4, is codenamed KitKat after the candy but we didn’t know many details of exactly what powers KitKat was going to bring to the army of Android phones and tablets. Android fragmentation –the fact that so many variants of the OS are running on so many […]

VIDEO: Sales Of BlackBerry’s Savior, The Keyboard-equipped Q10, Have Been ‘dismal’

29 Aug

When BlackBerry announced that its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone would be a high-end full touch device, industry watchers cried that the company?s savior would be the keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Q10 and it should have debuted first. The Wall Street Journal reports, however, launching the Q10 first might not have made any difference. The paper spoke with […]

VIDEO: Steve Ballmer Era At Microsoft: Hits And Misses

23 Aug

Poor Steve Ballmer. The burly Microsoft CEO, who announced that he will retire next year, has been the victim of some unfortunate timing. When he took over leadership of Microsoft in 2000, Ballmer had to follow iconic co-founder Bill Gates, who had built the software titan into the most valuable company in the world. Then […]

VIDEO: When It Comes To Apps, Consumers Have Shorter Attention Spans

21 Aug

according to newly released data, consumers are using apps for shorter bursts of time and opting to “snack” on content more frequently.

VIDEO: Apple rejects Joyful Executions, doesn’t think North Korean satire is very funny

7 Aug

In an expected move from the political-adverse iOS gatekeepers,iPhone users won’t get a chance to play the North Korean propaganda game due to its “excessively objectionable content.”

VIDEO: Nokia exec wants Microsoft to step up its game with Windows Phone apps

27 Jul

When Nokia unveiled the Lumia 1020 and its 41-megapixel camera earlier this month, it was a clear sign that the company was committed to giving consumers something that no other smartphone could offer. Now it seems that Nokia wants Microsoft to put the same kind of effort into getting the Windows Phone platform up to […]