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VIDEO: Google Teases India Event, Possible Android One Reveal

2 Sep

Google has announced a Sept. 15 event in India during which they’re expected to reveal their Android One phones.

VIDEO: Apple Publishes The Top 10 Reasons They Reject Apps

2 Sep

Whether you’ve ever built an iOS app or not, you’ve probably heard tales of how frustrating it can be to get Apple’s stamp of approval. But why does Apple reject apps? What are the big mistakes that most developers make? In the first release of what looks to be something Apple intends to update regularly, [...]

VIDEO: Android Security Flaw Leaves Gmail Vulnerable To Hackers

23 Aug

A security flaw in Android — and potentially all — mobile devices allows malicious apps to exploit a phone’s shared memory and seize sensitive data.

VIDEO: FTC Targets Amazon For Lax In-App Purchase Rules

11 Jul

The Federal Trade Commission has sued Amazon, claiming they unfairly charged parents for in-app purchases made by their children without permission.

VIDEO: Apple Loses China Patent Case, Separate Suit Against Apple Continues

9 Jul

A Beijing court has ruled against Apple Incorporated, by upholding the validity of a patent held by a Chinese company. The ruling clears the way for the Chinese company to continue its own case against Apple for infringing intellectual property rights. Apple had taken Shanghai-based Zhizhen Internet Technology and China’s State Intellectual Property Office to [...]

VIDEO: Stock Split Makes Apple Shares Actually Affordable Again

7 Jun

The Cupertino company is splitting its stock 7-to-1, driving the share price down from around $650 to just under $100.

VIDEO: New Report Details Big Changes For Apple Stores Under New Boss Angela Ahrendts

19 May

Apple recently hired a new retail boss in former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts and 9to5Mac’s sources say that she’s planning a big, much-needed shakeup to Apple’s retail operation. The biggest change that Ahrendts seems intent on making is adding more mobile payment integration into Apple’s retail stores to blur “the lines between Apple’s online and [...]

VIDEO: IPhone 4 Vs. Galaxy S3: One Of These Phones Can’t Run The Latest Mobile OS

9 May

Even though it’s almost four years old, and has hardware that can’t compete – at least on paper – with the 2012 Galaxy S3, the iPhone 4 can still run its the latest version of iOS. Sure, the iPhone 4 does not get all of Apple’s iOS 7 features, but it’s still packs most of [...]

VIDEO: Apple Looking To Acquire Beats For $3.2 Billion

9 May

The purchase would help shore up Apple’s share of the music subscription service industry, thanks to Beats Music.

VIDEO: How Is Digital Security Changing With The Rise Of Mobile?

25 Apr

Web security is on everyone’s minds these days, especially in light of the recent Heartbleed internet security breach. With consumers purchasing products online from all over the world, it’s particularly important to provide them with secure browsing and payment options. Over the last several years, web hosts have launched security features to protect websites from [...]