SaneBox – the answer to email overload

3 Aug

Email: can’t live without it, can’t live with it. It’s too much, too much good stuff, way too much mediocre ones, loads of waffle and uninteresting ‘valid’ spam. Like most I’m drowning in it, both personally and with email for this website, I try to keep up – fail miserably. Its always there, always [...]

AlphaDigits Top Rated Apps August 2014

1 Sep

AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps based on the reviews during the month of August 2014. Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. NetworkToolbox can make your internet-powered device help you manage your network, and more. Action Studio Movie Editor Pro is the perfect choice to edit photos and videos. With Web PC Suite, users can view their Android phones on their PCs. Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold is an adventure game with puzzles and hidden objects.

Answers – Making Help Documents Just Got Easier

1 Sep

Answers, the new app from Tim Parnell, makes creating and organizing your help documents simple. Versatile and easy to use, Answers uses a content-based approach to enable users to create better documents faster. Effortlessly build documents for local software help books, or publish to the web. Answers handles the tricky part of organization and design. By allowing you to focus on your content, not the code, you can quickly create everything from software help books to website FAQs.

Word Mess goes Back To School – Over 25,000 Copies used in Classrooms

1 Sep

Masala Games announced today that over 25,000 copies of their game Word Mess have been sold to schools at a 50% educational discount. Loved by kids, educators and parents alike, Word Mess is a game about finding words in beautifully designed word clouds. This popular children’s game improves your visual scanning abilities and vocabulary through engaging and fun gameplay. To celebrate Back To School week, the game will be on sale with a price drop for the first week of September.

New Folx downloader with torrent client functionality is released

1 Sep

By popular demand, Eltima Software today releases Folx 3.2, a new version of their popular download manager that includes much anticipated torrents downloading features. The new Folx is expected to better suit the needs of those who extensively use torrent trackers to find and download new data. The free version of the application offers basic torrent client options, while the PRO version allows users to search through the vast list of torrents without leaving the application.

The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off blasts into the app store

1 Sep

Box of Frogs Media today introduces The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off 1.0, their delightful children’s book for iPad. Written by Daniel Corcoran and read by Dave Benson-Phillips, The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off is an infectious tale that follows a barn full of animals plagued by a pongy pop-off that has dangerous consequences. It’s not just a simple case of whoever smelt it dealt it. In the story kids are taken on a hilarious journey to discover who’s at the bottom of the stinky fart attack.

TranquilityTV – Beautiful film with music

1 Sep

TranquilityTV, LLC announces TranquilityTV 1.0.3, its relaxation and stress relief app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Intended for general consumers as a tool to reduce stress and create a positive mental state, TranquiltityTV is a solution to the universal human problem, stress. The mobile app is a product of seven years of research gathered from top hospitals around the nation. What was once only available to a very select audience is now broadly available for stress relief and relaxation.

Pagico for Desktop 6.7: Planner for Professionals, adds HiDPI support

1 Sep

Indianapolis based NOTES17 LLC today announces Pagico for Desktop 6.7, an update to their popular information and task manager app for Mac OS X. Pagico for Desktop is a feature-rich planner app that manages all types of data, including notes, tasks, files, projects and contacts. The application has numerous innovative features that helps users be productive and stay organized in the long run. Version 6.7 adds HiDPI support for computers with high resolution monitors.

friedEgg Touch 1.7 Upgrade Improves Usability and Performance

1 Sep

friedEgg Limited today announced friedEgg Touch 1.7, an upgrade to their interactive data analysis tool for Mac OS X. friedEgg Touch allows the user to interact with their data by directly manipulating a chart. This enables complex analysis, across many dimensions, in easy steps. This latest release focuses on improving usability and increasing the reliability of the analysis process. In addition, newer technologies have improved performance and support higher resolution displays.

VIDEO: Apple Wants Your iPhone To Become Your Wallet

1 Sep

Apple might soon announce a feature that would allow iPhones to act as a credit card when making payments in physical stores.

VIDEO: Apple’s Rumored iWatch Could Cost $400

31 Aug

Apple is expected to charge a premium for its still-rumored wearable device.