DouWere, s.p.r.l. introduces Hue Dada ! 1.0 for OS X

10 Feb

DouWere, s.p.r.l. today introduces Hue Dada ! 1.0 for OS X, an application that drastically enhances the user experience with the Finder. Hue Dada ! colors your icons according to their tag. Locating your own specific items visually in the Finder has never been easier. The application automatically gives custom icons to items as the user would manually. Hue Dada ! respects Apple’s policies regarding sandboxed applications, only using documented and safe methods.

SmartHome Office Magazine – The Future of Home Automation

10 Feb

With the Success of iBusiness Magazine and over 500,000 readers worldwide, we bring you SmartHome Office Magazine. SmartHome Office Magazine is targeted specifically for the business home user and their automated home. SmartHome Office, is the only magazine that focuses exclusively on this enormous and growing segment. Our Premiere Issue will be distributed at CEDIA 2016 Trade Show in Dallas, TX on September 15-17, 2016.

Castle Breakout! Goes Medieval on Traditional Escape Room Graphics

10 Feb

Cloudburst Games today announces the official release of Castle Breakout! 1.5, their new game title for iOS devices. Castle Breakout! brings novice and skilled escape room-lovers a mystic adventure into medieval times, one that ends with a ride on the King’s dragon. Users must outsmart the castle’s updated security systems, move through mesmerizing room after mesmerizing room, and meet all the royal pets as you go. Just remember, some are quite exotic.

Placeboard 1.0 released for iPhone – Your Favorite Places in Your Pocket

10 Feb

Indie developer, Quentin Mathau today releases Placeboard 1.0.1, his new lifestyle app for iOS devices. Placeboard is a personal organizer to remember places and share them with friends. Featuring a fluid user experience, a big focus on privacy, and undo/redo support, Placeboard makes it really easy to organize restaurants, shops, natural sites, and many other places we stumble upon in our daily life or while travelling. Easily make quick notes and pictures about any location and tag them.

SOSmart Automatic Car Crash Detection app gets you help in a crash

10 Feb

Santiago based SOSmart SpA today announces SOSmart automatic car crash detection 2.4.8, an update to their popular app utility developed for iOS and Android devices. SOSmart uses the internal sensors of a regular smartphone to automatically detect if the user has been involved in severe car accident. The app then sends the location of the crash to predefined emergency contacts, allowing them to call emergency services for them even if they can’t. Version 2.4.8 fixes several minor bugs.

ChubbyRoll – One of the most Beautifully Designed Puzzle Games of 2016

10 Feb

Warsaw based mobile game developer, Ahoy Games today introduces ChubbyRoll 1.04, their latest social puzzle game developed for iOS & Android devices. In ChubbyRoll, players take on the role of The Clumsy One, once an outcast of his village, but now an unlikely hero in a quest to return his village’s muffin supply. Players may create their own levels, share them with others around the world, and challenge each other, or explore 40 other levels developed by the studio in the immersive story mode.

Mars Dragons 2 – it all depends on your ability to win the battle

10 Feb

Sao Paulo based developer, Gude Games today announces Mars Dragons 2, its next game series for iOS devices. Mars Dragons 2 is the continuation of the adventure to save our planet from the dragons of Mars. The main challenge of the game is to eliminate the dragons in a short space of time, taking care of the laser beams of flying saucers, anchors, rocks, balloons, balls and etc. But all is not lost because there are shortcuts and snails that boost the flight.

Hairy Monster Studios releases I Heart You Too on the App Store

10 Feb

Just in time for valentine’s day, Hairy Monster Studios today introduces I Heart You Too 1.0, their latest game title developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. I Heart You Too offers match-three fun with an innovative twist. Make matches with candy hearts to beat levels, and to earn coins that can be used in-game. Users can choose from over 60 unique gifts, type a personalized message, then select what Facebook or Twitter friend the gift goes to.

Output Factory for InDesign Improves Flash SWF and PostScript Export

10 Feb

Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory 1.5.44, a maintenance update to its output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory automates printing, exporting, preflighting and file delivery from InDesign. The software offers an array of time saving options such as batch processing, export as single pages, variable file names, layer versioning, PDF preflight, FTP delivery and more. The new version improves reliability of InDesign file conversion to PostScript and Flash SWF formats.

KeepSolid launches Roadmap Planner for OS X: An App for C-level Managers

9 Feb

KeepSolid today introduces Roadmap Planner 1.3 for OS X, a unique app for C-level managers. Oriented towards people who plan their lives or/and businesses, Roadmap Planner was specifically designed to help anyone put together strategy, systematize goals and ideas without piles of papers or huge tables in spreadsheets. Featuring predefined templates with different color and font schemes according to user preferences, the app also includes a handy presentation mode to present ideas and plans.